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The Peloponnese


As the southern peninsula of Greece's mainland, the Peloponnese is a popular summer destination boasting beautiful mountains,  sandy beaches in the west and rocky ones in the east.

It's a little bit off the beaten track compared to the popular Greek islands, especially once you get down into the wild and remote Mani Peninsula.

There is also an abundance of cultural heritage to discover here. The Peloponnese is home to ancient Sparta and Olympia, where the ancient Olympic games began. Discover the origins of Greek society at Mycenae and admire the Greek theatre at Epidaurus.

Mystra, a medieval Byzantine fortress town and UNESCO World Heritage Site is another of the main historic sites of interest.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the delicious locally produced olives and sweet juicy oranges, among a variety of other delicacies in an area where food and wine lovers won't feel disappointed.


Discover The Peloponnese

The Grandeur of Greece

Journey through the great ages of Greek history from the Myceneans, through Classical Greece to the age of Alexander.

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Peloponnese & Kythira

Discover a side of Greece you barely knew existed on this unique luxury private journey from Athens into the Peloponnese.

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Athens & Amanzoe

Combine a stay in Athens with private excursions to Athens and beyond, with 5 nights at the luxurious Amanzoe.

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Situated in south-central Greece in the Corinthia municipality of the Peloponnese, the town of Corinth a famous for its exceptional canal and stunning ancient ruins.

Created in the late 1800s, the canal is a dramatic achievement, which also includes an impressive submersible bridge.

Of the ancient city ruins, which spread over a large area, perhaps the most striking is the jaw-dropping Doric Temple of Apollo, created around 540 BC on another site dating back to the seventh-century BC.

Other must-sees include Acrocorinth, referred to as the ‘most impressive of the Acropolis of mainland Greece’, and the Heraion of Perachora, founded in the eighth century BC.

Make sure to visit the delightful Lychnari Beach nearby, and explore the stunning terrain of Mount Geraneia. Thrill-seekers can bungee jump in the canal, or try parachuting, paragliding, and a host of other activities.


The small, charming port town of Nafplio is situated on the Argolic Gulf in the northeast of the Peloponnese Peninsula, just one and a half hours by car from Greece’s capital, Athens.

The town is known for its remarkably scenic location, overlooking a picturesque harbour and presided over by two medieval castles, including the spectacular Palamidi fortress.

At the centre of Nafplio’s historical Old Town lies the large, marble-paved Syntagma Square, lined with quaint cafes and featuring the Arsenal, a stately building occupied by a fascinating museum.

At the other end of the square, a historic mosque now occasionally functions as a cinema. Nafplio serves as a popular weekend getaway for Athenians eager to escape the big tourist crowds of the city and enjoy Nafplio’s excellent restaurants, boutique shops, impressive architecture, quayside cafes, fine beaches and old-world atmosphere.


One of the most significant archaeological and tourist destinations in Greece, Olympia is best known as the birthplace of the most important sporting event of all time: the Olympic Games.

Set on the breathtaking Peloponnese Peninsula, with the same name as its ancient site, this sacred area, known as the ‘Valley of the Gods’ contained many treasures of Greek art, such as temples, monuments, altars, theatres and statues - much of which is still evident today in the famous well-preserved ruins.

The ancient site sits alongside a charming little traditional Greek village, which provides all the tourist facilities visitors might desire.

The site was originally not actually a town but a sanctuary, with buildings associated with the annual games and the worship of the gods. Make sure to visit the impressive museums, too.


Located in the breathtaking landscapes of the Peloponnese in Laconia, the castle town of Mystras or Mistras is a rich haven of fascinating heritage, astounding views, and mesmerising hiking trails.

This former Byzantine capital is filled with astonishing medieval ruins and boasts an exceptional hilltop palace ‘of the Despots’, beautiful Byzantine churches with intricate frescoes, and plenty of fascinating historic buildings.

This town holds real historic importance as the place where the last Byzantine emperor was crowned, and, along with the sites, the Archaeological Museum provides exciting information about what happened here.

The terrain, decorated with fertile orange trees and olive groves, is crisscrossed with a diversity of hiking routes, often leading to charming old chapels or other interesting sites.


Monemvasia is a captivating castle town set on a tiny Peloponnese island, carved into a massive rock. The town is named for its singular entry, which was initially by boat (now via a short causeway).

These days, a modern town named Gefyra on the mainland is incorporated into the town’s jurisdiction too. The medieval town’s sublime architecture, pretty cobbled streets, and spectacular castle-top views are the primary drawcard for most visitors, allowing an atmospheric peek into ancient times.

History enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to the beautiful Byzantine Agia Sofia, which takes in jaw-dropping vistas, and the fascinating artefacts of the Monemvasia Archaeological Collection, housed in a former temple.

Gorgeous beaches, exquisite hiking trails, some wonderful boutiques, and plenty of top-of-the-range restaurants add appeal.

Costa Navarino

Situated in Messinia in the southwest Peloponnese, Greece, Costa Navarino is a luxury resort area of sweeping views, pristine bays, and unspoilt beaches edged by crystal-clear emerald waters.

It is home to premier resorts, relaxing spas, lively bars, and world-class golf courses, and offers a wide range of adventure sports and fine dining.

Costa Navarino is the first high-end, eco-friendly destination in the Mediterranean, as it has prioritized the preservation of its local cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Visitors can sample gourmet cuisine, relax on magnificent beaches and go on thrilling excursions around this spectacularly scenic peninsula.

The Argolid

Situated in the Peloponnese region, Argolida is a regional unit in Greece. It stretches over the eastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula on the Argolid Peninsula.

This beautiful part of Greece draws visitors from all over the world to soak up its romantic yet cosmopolitan charm.

The landscape is dotted with orange orchards and olive groves which are backed by mountains and fringed by the ocean.

From the vibrant Porto Heli to Mycenae and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, Argolida has something for everyone.

Other highlights include: discovering an array of ancient Greek ruins, camping at Drepano, relaxing on Karathona Beach, and strolling the secluded stretches of sand at Kondyli.

The Mani

Situated in southern Greece, the Mani Peninsula is a region of Greece that covers the middle southern peninsula of Peloponnese.

It is home to the Maniots, who claim descent from the ancient Spartans. Stretching from the southernmost point of mainland Europe to the mountain range of Taygetus to Cape Tenaro.

Known for its barren yet scenic landscape, the terrain is characterized by arid rocky land fringed by dramatic gorges and beautiful coastline lapped by crystal-clear turquoise waters.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the ancient history, soak up the traditional culture and enjoy the magnificent vistas that the Mani Peninsula has to offer.