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The Sporades


The Sporades are an archipelago along the east coast of Greece, northeast of the island of Euboea, in the Aegean Sea.

They consist of 24 islands, four of which are permanently inhabited: Alonnisos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros.

They may also be referred to as the Thessalian Sporades. "Sporades" means "those scattered". From Classical Antiquity the name has referred to the Aegean island groups outside the central archipelago of the Cyclades.


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Rising from the blue-green waters of the Ionian Sea is Alonnisos, an idyllic island mound covered by a thick blanket of pine forests, olive groves and orchards in the Sporades Islands of Greece.

The picturesque harbour of Patitri greets travellers with a beautiful stone-paved waterfront lined with cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and bars that overlook the pebbled beach.

Traditional whitewashed houses and numerous churches line the cobblestone streets and stone stairways of the hilltop town of Chora.

Crowning the ancient capital is a medieval castle that boasts peerless panoramic views of the island.

Other popular attractions include the pristine beaches, museums and the magnificent National Marine Park of Alonissos that surrounds the island.

The park teems with marine life including the rare Mediterranean Monk Seal, dolphins, and sea turtles.


Engulfed by a thick tangle of green island forest, the tiny Greek island of Skiathos rests along the Pelion Peninsula in the Aegean Sea and forms part of the famous Sporades Islands.

On the southeastern edge of Skiathos lies Skiathos Town, the pulsing nerve-centre of the isle that hums with the frenetic energy of busy tavernas, cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

In picturesque Old Skiathos, boutique stores, galleries, restaurants and elegant white mansions line the narrow paved streets.


Visitors can be immersed in the exquisite natural surroundings and enjoy numerous watersports at over 60 beaches, or enjoy a scenic stroll through the wooded hillsides.

Other must-see sites include Kounistras Monastery, the Evangelistria Monastery, the ruins of Kastro and the pine-wood islet of Bourtzi, home to the ruins of a medieval Venetian fortress.


Encompassed by swathes of virgin pine forests, the idyllic town of Skopelos enraptures with gorgeous scenery and blissful tranquillity in the Sporades Islands of the Aegean Sea.

Scattered across the island are small villages with white-washed houses, charming hotels, restaurants and small churches that cling on sloping streets.

The capital of Skopelos Town set on the north-east coast rises steeply up the slopes of two hills, reaching impressive Byzantine monasteries.


At its peak is an old Venetian fortress that offers sweeping views of the sea. Traipse along the hilly landscape through a network of old mule trails that crisscross pine forests, olive groves and hidden villages.

Don’t miss an opportunity to visit the Church of Agios Ioannis Kastri, an 18th-century chapel perched atop a barren sea rock that boasts spectacular sea views.