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From the gracious temples of Kyoto to Tokyo's neon skyline, from soaring alps to languid tropical islands, Japan is far more diverse than many believe and a tailor made tour of Japan can easily combine these elements.

The mix of first world efficiency and the ‘otherness’ of Japan make for a fascinating trip and Japan can inspire even the most well-travelled. Culture and history abound in Kyoto, Nara and Nikko whilst Tokyo is the world metropolis supreme.

Outdoor lovers will love Hakone, the Alps or the wilds of Hokkaido and rural Japan is best experienced in Shikoku or Kyushi.


Holidays to Japan

Japan Saver
Japan Saver

Focusing on Kyoto and Tokyo - Japan in a week or less.

Japan Highlights can also be done as an add-on to other touring in the region.

7 Nights from
Japan Highlights Plus
Japan Highlights Plus

Focusing on the best of Japan without too much travelling.

Includes Tokyo, Hakone/Mount Fuji and Kyoto with privately guided excursions.

8 Nights from
Zen Japan
Zen Japan

See the best of traditional Japan in just over a week.

Tokyo, Yudanaka (Snow Monkeys), Kyoto, Mount Koya, Osaka.

9 Nights from
Classic Japan
Classic Japan

Japan encompassed in a varied two week private Japan journey.

Includes Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mount Fuji, Hiroshima & the Japanese Alps.

12 Nights from
China & Japan
China & Japan

Combine Japan & China on an amazing Far Eastern Journey.

Two of the world's most fascinating travel destinations in one private tour.

15 Nights from
Traditional Japan
Traditional Japan

Self guided Japan exploration, touring Japan by rail.

Travel across Honshu and Shikoku on a varied trip with a traditional slant.

14 Nights from