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Southern Pacific


The Southern Pacific is Costa Rica’s wildest region, a land for adventurous travellers and home to indigenous groups living in remote areas. 

This least-explored region of Costa Rica, is slowly seeing more visitors year on year, coming for the array of outdoor activities, from hiking and rock climbing in Cerro Chirripó mountain, the highest peak in Costa Rica, to world-class surfing on Dominical Beach. 

Nature reserves and national parks such as the Corcovado National Park are home to a wide variety of bird and animal species including sloths, monkeys and scarlet macaws. The resplendent Quetzal can also be spotted around San Gerardo de Dota Forest. 

Further south, the coast of the Golfo Dulce and the Osa Pensinsula offer picturesque and beautiful wild beaches including Bahía Drake Bay.


Discover Southern Pacific

Bosque del Cabo

Family owned and managed 10-room boutique lodge in a beautiful cliff top location in the Osa Peninsula.

Back to Nature
Sublimely Remote
3 Nights from
Transfers & Breakfast

Copa de Arbol

Luxury beachfront eco-resort in 70 acres of pristine rainforest reserve between Drake Bay and the Corcovado National Park.

Drake's Bay Retreat
Luxury Eco Resort
3 Nights from
Includes Transfers

Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

Wild beaches, abuntant wildlife and lush rainforest, this Luxury Eco-Lodge enjoys of a privilleged location in the Osa Peninsula.

Luxury Eco-Lodge
Osa Peninsula
3 Nights from
Full Board Included

La Cusinga Lodge

Offering spectacular ocean views, La Cusinga Lodge is surrounded by pristine rainforests. It is located withing walking distance of Playa de Arco.

Eco-lodge & Beach Experience
Uvita & Ballena Marine Park
7 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

El Remanso Lodge

El Remanso Lodge offers the perfect setting to explore tropical rainforests, secluded beaches and discover amazing wildlife. 

Trip Advisor Favourite
Luxury Rainforest Lodge
4 Nights from
Domestic Flights Included

Eco-Friendly Costa Rica

Explore the Central Valley, the North Pacific Coast and the Osa Peninsula staying in some of the best eco-lodges in Costa Rica.

Luxury Eco-lodges
Best of Costa Rica Nature
10 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Costa Rica Luxury Honeymoon

Costa Rica is perfect for honeymooners; romantic sunsets, idyllic beaches and fantastic landscapes combined with pristine nature and amazing wildlife.

Luxury Eco-Lodges
Unforgettable Costa Rica
11 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Costa Rica & Panama Cruise

Unforgettable experience cruising along Central America's Pacific Coast. From Costa Rica to Panamá, discover amazing wildlife and pristine nature.

Cross the Legendary Panamá Canal
Boutique Cruise
9 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Cano Island Snorkelling

Located 10 miles off the Western coast of the Osa peninsula, Cano Island has white beaches, rocky platforms and cliffs and some excellent snorkelling locations. The coral reefs around the island are home  to a large number of marine species.

The tour includes ample time for snorkelling. The dark, volcanic rock is home to numerous species of marine life, many of it can be seen after a short swim from the beach.

Due to the coral reefs around the island it’s a great opportunity to see a fantastic number of fish, rays and sometimes turtles. There will also be time to do a short walk or just to enjoy the beautiful beach sheltered by coconut palms.

The existence of stone spheres, tombs with statues of the same material, gold offerings, and polychrome ceramic leads to believe that the island was used solely for a burial ground for important people during the Pre-Columbian era

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From £60pp

Corcovado National Park

Enjoy a full day tour exploring one of Central Americas largest protected parks, the Corcovado National Park in search of birds and wildlife amongst the varied eco-systems of one of the richest wildlife areas in Costa Rica.

Corcovado National Park, located in the Osa Peninsula, which is a zone with stunning beauty that starts in the Central Pacific and extends over to the Southern region, where some of the most wonderful beaches in Costa Rica are located.

The Corcovado National Park is one of the largest parks in Central America and has the biggest primary tropical forest in the American Pacific.

The biological diversity is huge, and Corcovado is considered by National Geographic as the most intense biological place in the world.

Species in Corcovado include the American Crocodile, the Spectacled Caiman, and large populations of felines like Jaguars, Ocelots and Pumas.

Four monkey species are found in Corcovado, including the endangered Squirrel Monkey.

Reptiles, amphibians and marine life live in Corcovado too. The famous Poison Dart Frog and several species of turtles can be seen in Corcovado.

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From £65pp

Corcovado National Park

Remote and wild, Corcovado National Park is the largest national park in Costa Rica and covers a third of the Oso Peninsula and is considered by many as Costa Rica’s premier national park.

With a very varied ecology and abundant wildlife, Corcovado has been described by National Geographic as ‘the most biologically intense place on earth in terms of biodiversity’.

The largest primary forest on the coast of the Americas and one of the few lowland large areas of tropical rainforests are protected here.

December to April is the best time of year to visit Corcovado, although many visitors come in the Green Season also.

Hikers and snorkellers will be well-rewarded here with some great hiking trails and decent snorkelling around Cano Island which has reefs and coral in very good condition.

Wildlife in Corcovado

At least 13 different types of habitat can be found here, including Montane Forest, Cloud Forest, Alluvial Plains Forest and Mangrove.

Wildlife in Corcovado includes jaguar, ocelot, margay, puma, jaguarondi and a large population of endangered Baird’s Tapir.

All four of Costa Rica’s monkey species are resident here, as well as Spectacled Caimen, American Crocodile, Sloths, Anteater and Peccary.

Over 400 bird species also call this area home, making Corcovado one of the best destinations in Costa Rice for bird watching.

Drake Bay

Wild, isolated and off the beaten track, Drake Bay, situated on the northern side of the Osa Peninsula is a great destination for adventure in Costa Rica.

With only a handful of lodges and hotels, the area around Drake Bay is a place to escape to and seek a rustic retreat, enjoy some diving or snorkelling or explore the deserted beaches.

Getting to Drake bay can be something of an adventure, especially if not opting for the 45 minute flight from San Jose.

Many places in Drake Bay can only be accessed by boat, and a dirt road provided the only access during the dry season (usually flooded in the Green season). River taxis thankfully are common.

Drake Bay has dozens of walking trails and Punta Río Claro National Wildlife Refuge and Campanario Biological Reserve are options for trekking.

Uninhabited Caño Island offers some of the best snorkelling in Costa Rica as well as pre-Colombian giant stones.

The Cano Island Biological Reserve offers 300 hectares of protected land with walking trails and beaches which attract Olive Ridley Sea Turtles who come here to nest.

Whale Watching

Drake Bay is one of the hidden gems of Costa Rica and perfect for a romantic eco-retreat or adventure in Costa Rica.

Drake Bay offers some of the very best whale watching in Costa Rica. Whales and dolphins visit the temperate waters of The Cano Island Biological Reserve almost year round.

This is one of the best places in Costa Rica to see Humpback Whales, which come here throughout the year, except for a short period around the middle of the year (normally in May).

July to October is the best time to see Humpback Whales in Drake Bay and this makes it one of the longest seasons in the world for viewing Humpback whales.

In addition there are over 25 species of dolphins regularly in the waters around Drake Bay.

A whale watching excursion in Drake Bay may reveal a mother teaching a baby how to breach, or come across a pod of a hundred or more bottle-nose dolphins close to shore - every excursion is different.