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In Depth Tours Bali & Indonesia


Indonesia is a vast country with diverse people, landscapes, cultures and wildlife.

To see Indonesia in Depth requires time and distance and our selection of Indonesia in Depth tours offers you the chance to see as much as possible of Indonesia within a reasonable timescale.

Combining Java and Bali is the simplest option for doing more than one island in Indonesia. A short trip in northern Sumatra is also easily added.

Combining Bali, Flores and Komodo along with Lombok and the Gili Isles is also a popular combination.

Divers may be interested in combining Sulawesi with Lombok and Komodo in order to make an excellent two or three-centre diving holiday in Indonesia.

Classic Java & Bali

Combine the best of Java and Bali on a 2-week overland journey.

Central & Eastern Bali
Overland Journey
13 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK