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Indonesia Climate Guide


Indonesia has a tropical climate with year round high temperatures, high humidity and a monsoon climate.

Temperatures are fairly constant throughout Indonesia because of the uniformly warm waters surrounding the islands. Temperatures average 28 degrees throughout the year.

Altitude of course has a big effect, and Indonesia’s volcanic peaks see lower average temperatures and can see freezing conditions pre-dawn. The highest mountains in West Papua remain permanently snow-capped.

Rainfall is the major factor in Indonesia’s climate, with the Northwest monsoon bringing wet weather to much of Indonesia between December and March. Between May and October conditions across Indonesia are generally dry as the Australian continental air masses bring dry weather at this time of year. During the rainy season, rain usually occurs in short sharp bursts, usually late in the afternoon.

In general, western and northern areas of Indonesia receive higher rainfall during the rainy season as the clouds are laden with moisture by the time they reach these areas. The islands of Nusa Tenggara, east of Bali on the other hand are much drier in general.