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British Isles


The British Isles should need no introduction. Most of us believe we are very familiar with our home region.

We have some acquaintance with the vast, sprawling areas of picturesque countryside, long stretches of rugged coastline, and some of most the dynamic, multicultural cities in the world.

We've poked our heads into Anne Hathaway's Cottage, gazed at the paintings in the National Gallery, pottered up Mount Snowden, lingered over Cornish cream teas and even kissed the Blarney Stone.

But how many of us have seen the Isle of Canna, Fair Isle or the Treshnish Isles? The British Isles, including the Hebrides, Ireland and over 6,000 smaller islands offers a world of travel right on our doorsteps.

Now may be the perfect time to really discover the British Isles beyond the familiar and the perfect way to do so is on a small ship cruise.

Sail far from the usual tourist crowd to explore the unique beauty of the British Isles directly from Dover or embark on small ship cruise through the Scottish Isles.


Holidays to British Isles

Lochs & Legends Cruise
Lochs & Legends Cruise

Small ship cruise from Liverpool to Scotland aboard Fred. Olsen's Borealis.

Discover the best of the Scottish coast and islands, including Shetland on this no-fly cruise.

8 Nights from
Scenic British Isles
Scenic British Isles

Cruise from Dover to Scotland and back on this fascinating no-fly British Isles cruise.

Fred. Olsen Cruise - explore some of the British Isles most beautiful and remote islands.

13 Nights from
Remote Islands & Coasts
Remote Islands & Coasts

See the best of the remote British Isles on a Hurtigruten Boutique Cruise.

From Dover, sail up the west coast of the British Isles to the Hebrides and back.

12 Nights from
Ports, Islands & Wildlife
Ports, Islands & Wildlife

See the best of the British Ports, Islands and Wildlife on a Hurtigruten Boutique Cruise.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, Ireland, Scotland and the Hebrides.

14 Nights from
Silversea Luxury Cruise
Silversea Luxury Cruise

Enjoy a two-week luxury Silversea Iceland Cruise from Reykjavik to Edinburgh.

Includes the best of Iceland with stops in the Faroe Islands, Shetlands, Orkney and Scotland.

12 Nights from