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Northern Belize


Northern Belize, with its lazy meandering rivers and ancient Mayan sites offers is a tranquil region of sugar plantations

The New River, an ancient Maya waterway showcases the wildlife and beautiful scenery of Northern Belize.

With traditions imparted by Mestizo and Maya cultures, this region of Belize is also a place to sample local cuisine.

There's enough adventure to excite the inner-explorer through ancient Maya regions, transforming a laidback day into the ultimate quest!

Northern Belize bucket-list sites include Lamanai in Orange Walk District and Cerros in Corozal District. 


Discover Northern Belize

Lamanai Outpost Lodge

Lamanai Outpost Lodge is a secluded jungle lodge situated on the banks of a 28-mile long spring fed lagoon amid the remnants of a major Maya city.

Remote Lodge
3 Night Package
3 Nights from
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Belize Jungle & Beach

Discover the best of Belize's jungle and beach. Lush jungle, spectacular caves, ancient Mayan ruins and idyllic beaches.

Highlights of Belize
Jungle & Beach Holidays
12 Nights from
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Guatemala & Belize

Find adventure in Guatemala and relax on Ambergris Caye in Belize for the perfect Central American combination.

Mayan Culture & Belize Beach
Unique Landscapes
13 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Orange Walk

Take a walk back in time in Orange Walk, home to a mixture of cultures and some 15,000 people.

Stop at cafes and get a first hand look at the everyday life of northern Belizeans before heading to the Banquitas House of Culture to get a feel for the district’s history, culture and industry.

Art, cultural and archaeological exhibits are regularly held here. When you’re done taking in the town, check out Honey Camp Lagoon, where the locals go.

With its golden sandy beaches and coconut trees you’re sure to fall in love with this tranquil location. Be sure to see the New River, a waterway for the ancient Maya and check out the wildlife and scenery on your way to the Maya Temples.


Get off the tourist grid in Corozal, the northernmost urban centre in Belize, a scenic and peaceful town nestled along the waters of Corozal Bay.

Corozal shares a strong historical connection with Mexico and is the birthplace and home of the Mestizos (a mix of Maya and Spanish culture).

Today, the district encompasses an ethnically diverse population with a distinctively warm, welcoming and relaxed outlook on life. It’s very laid back on Corozal!

Located 89 miles north of Belize City and only 7 miles from the Mexican border, the town has a population of almost 10,000 and is also something of a haven for retirees from Europe and North America.

  • Visit the Cerros Ancient Maya Site.
  • Ask the locals about Art in the Park.
  • Take a stop at the old sugar factory in Libertad village for some great photos not too far from Corozal Town.
  • Thinking about retiring here? This would be a good spot!

Northern Belize Rural

Venture into the rural communities of northern Belize and you’ll be met with even more scenic Belize-views.

From ferry crossings over the clearest light blue salt waters, to the aesthetic river-bank communities of Orange Walk, bask in the extremely tranquil regions of these parts.