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Seychelles Climate Guide


The Seychelles is blessed with warm temperatures year round, ranging between lows of 24 or 25 degrees and highs in the low 30’s. The weather in the Seychelles is largely affected by the two monsoon systems.

The Southeast Tradewinds bring slightly lower temperatures, dry conditions and breezy conditions between May and September. Seas are a bit livelier during this period, especially on Southeast facing beaches. Northwest facing coastlines on the contrary can be calm and tranquil during this season.

Between November and March, the Northwest Tradewinds bring hotter and more humid conditions to the islands. Seas are calmer during this period.

The rainiest time in the Seychelles is between December and February, peaking in December and January. The Seychelles can be quite wet during this time of year. Rain can occur at any time of year however, but is usually concentrated in short sharp downpours.

Being so close to the Equator, the Seychelles has high humidity of around 80%, but this is tempered somewhat by the sea breezes.

Some local features affect the climate. Mahe and Silhouette Island’s steeper terrain results in slightly higher rainfall in the interior at higher altitudes.

The cyclone season between December and March only affects the most southerly of the Seychelles Islands.