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Philippines Overview


The Philippines has a monsoonal climate, with generally hot and dry weather from March to May, with the Southwest monsoon bringing wetter weather to western regions between June and October. Drier weather prevails with the onset of the Northeast monsoon period between November and February.

There are regional variations however, with much of the east receiving their highest rainfall during November to February.

Temperatures in the Philippines are hot all year round, with the exception of some higher altitudes where it can be chilly. Temperatures range from around 25 to 32 degrees.

Much of the Western Philippines including Palawan, Western Luzon, Manila, Iliolo and Negros experience their dry season between November and May.

Bicol, Southern Leyte, Eastern Mindanao and Eastern Samar experience no distinct dry season, but have higher rainfall between December and February.

Central Luzon, the Visayas and Western Mindanao experience the driest period between November and January.

Eastern Luzon, Leyte and Bohol experience even rainfall throughout the year.

Typhoons do affect the Philippines, normally between June and October, peaking between July and September.