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Laos has two distinct seasons, making working out the best time to visit Laos relatively straightforward. The dry season in Laos runs from October until April with the wet season from May until September.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the months between October and April are strictly the best times to visit Laos, since this also coincides with high season when hotel prices are higher and attractions busier.

During the rainy season months it is unusual to experience lengthy periods of rain, and rainfall although heavy, is usually concentrated in short sharp downpours, often late in the afternoon or early evening.

Temperatures in Laos are uniformly high throughout the year, often reaching the mid 30’s, especially in the more humid months of April and May.

Being a mountainous country, altitude also affects the climate in Laos, and there can be quite marked differences in temperatures. Luang Prabang can have temperatures averaging in the high teens in the winter months, and up well into the thirties in summer.

Winter mornings can feel quite chilly. At higher altitudes of course temperatures can be much lower and warm clothing is required.

Generally the south of Laos is it a lower altitude and experiences smaller ranges of temperature.