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Ecuador Overview


The climate in Ecuador varies depending on the region you are travelling to and temperatures tend to vary along with the altitude, ranging from the humid Pacific Coast at sea level to sub zero nights in the high Andes.

Being on the Equator, temperatures are typically warm of hot throughout the year at sea level, with a rainy season from December into May (considered high season and the best time to visit Ecuador).

During the rainy season, rain showers are frequent in the late afternoons but they normally don't last very long.

Rainfall can be expected at any time of year in the Amazon Oriente, but rain showers are stronger from late December through April.

River cruises in the Amazon region offer diverse itineraries depending on water levels, so there is always something exciting to do!

Quito and the highlands are generally spring like throughout the year, although Quito can feel quite cool during the dry season evenings (June through September), with temperatures being determined by altitude and exposure to wind etc.

Normally Quito will feel warm during the day though, but exposure to the sun is a serious consideration here with the altitude.

In the Galapagos you can expect few showers from October through May but they normally don't last very long. The sea is warmer and there are sunnier days during this time of year and this is generally considered the best time of year to visit the Galapagos.

Visiting the Galapagos in low season however can also see considerable savings and much better availability on cruises.

From June to September things are drier but cooler and because of rough winds divers may have poor visibility.