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Grenada's diversity makes it one of the most interesting holiday destinations in the Caribbean.

Grenada’s rainforest interior offers waterfalls, volcanic crater lakes, hot springs, and trekking trails to explore whilst the island's coastline is a tranquil pristine haven to the West and welcomes in rolling surf in the East.

In the North lie the magnificent Grenadine Islands, barely touched island jewels amongst the turquoise waters between Grenada and St Vincent.

Grenada’s south coast is home to a subtle hub of activity with bars, restaurants and activities at a true West Indian pace.

Internationally famed for its abundance of spices, Grenada has also turned its head towards the sea to welcome its new celebrity as the 'Dive capital of the Eastern Caribbean'.

Star Clipper Grenadines

Luxury cruise from Barbados to St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Grenada, St. Lucia & Martinique with Star Clippers.

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