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Linyanti, Selinda & Kwando

Between the Linyanti River and the Okovango Delta in northern Botswana, the Linyanti Wetlands is a huge area of pristine wilderness, split into three private concession areas.

The Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando Wildlife Reserves are large, unfenced areas consisting of swamp, grassland and riverine forest, each offering excellent wildlife viewing opportunities.

The Linyanti River is an excellent location for game viewing, with lion, leopard, wild dog, wildebeest, zebra and giraffe common.


Discover Linyanti, Selinda & Kwando

Lebala Camp

8 tent camp in the Linyanti marshes in a rich wildlife area on the border between Botswana & Namibia, offering day and night game drives.

Tailor Made Botswana Safaris
Famous for night game drives
3 Nights from
All Inclusive with Game Activities

Lagoon Camp

8 tents in a forested location by the Kwando River in a game rich location, with large buffalo herds and abundant predators.

Tailor Made Botswana Holidays
Kwando River location
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Game Activities

Savuti Camp

7 large walk-in tents on the banks of the Savuti channel, with walking safaris and both day and night game drives offered.

Tailor Made Botswana Safaris
Great Savuti Channel setting
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Safari Activities

Duma Tau Camp

Overlooks a wide curve in the Linyanti River with views of the hippos below. Spacious tents, game drives, nature walks.

Wilderness Luxury Camp
Linyanti River Camp
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Game Activities

Selinda Camp

Views of the Spillway, yellow floodplains, wide open spaces dotted with grey terminte mounds. Intimate and exclusive camp.

Tailor Made Botswana Safaris
Intimate & Exclusive Camp
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Game Activities

King's Pool Camp

Just 9 luxury Suites overlooking pretty King's Pool Lagoon in the Linyate Concession. Private decks feature salas and plunge pools.

Tailor Made Botswana Safaris
Boutique Luxury Camp
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Game Activities

Zarafa Camp

Just 4 tents and an exclusive and intimate atmosphere in prime game viewing territory.

Tailor Made Botswana Safaris
Luxury tented camp
3 Nights from
All Inclusive & Game Activities

Okavango & Linyanti

In-depth game viewing in three contrasting eco-systems within Botswana’s remote wilderness area.

Full Board & Game Activities
3 centre Botswana Safari
9 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Luxury Botswana Family Holiday

Luxury Victoria Falls & Botswana family holiday including Victoria Falls & the Okavango Delta.

Tailor Make to your budget
Includes Victoria Falls
11 Nights from
Flight Inclusive Price from UK

Selinda Concession

The private Selinda Concession borders the Chobe and Okavango and covers a large region, which includes a large area of the Selinda spillway, a channel linking the Linyanti marshlands with the Okavango and now running once more.


Lion, hyena and numerous species of ungulates are found here on a permanent basis. From May or June onwards, game numbers rise as animals move in search of the permanent water sources of the lagoon and Kwando-Linyanti.

The dry open grassland of Selinda make viewing Wild Dog a great experience here and Selinda is one of the best places in Botswana for viewing the much sought after Wild Dog. This region of Botswana is also ideally suited for Cheetah.

Wildebeest and zebra arrive in numbers around May, with large herds of elephant and buffalo arriving a month or two later and remaining until the end of the yea.

Night drives in Selinda are popular and are an advantage over staying in the main area of Chobe, where night drives are not allowed.

Where to stay

There are two luxury safari camps in Selinda, both now only accessible by air via the airstrip between the camps.

The camps are located in the east of Selinda in a very open dry expanse of the floodplain of the Selinda Spillway dotted with the occasional island stand of trees which rise above the floodplain.

Selinda is the largest safari camp in the Selinda concession and lies right on the Selinda Spillway.

Zarafa Camp is a luxury tented-camp overlooking the Zibadianji Lagoon and its surrounding floodplain.

About the Linyanti Concession

Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is a private game reserve on the western border of Botswana’s Chobe National Park, protecting the area around the Linyanti River, which includes a forested interior and the Savuti Channel.

Linyanti is a large game reserve in an area very rich in wildlife - Botswana at its wildest and most remote. Linyanti is an enormous reserve within a park, teeming in wildlife, covering an area of 125,000 hectares.

There are only a handful of luxury safari camps in Linyanti and all are accessed by flight, which creates an unrivalled atmosphere of remoteness and seemingly unlimited expanse.

There are 3 main features of the Linyanti Concession:

  1. The Linyanti River.
  2. The woodlands of the interior.
  3. The Savuti Channel (famous as a sporadic and unusual watercourse).

Eco System

Other aspects of the concession include floodplains, grasslands, exotic palm islands and scrub vegetation. Together with the 3 main features, the entire region harbours one of the densest, dry season concentrations of elephant in Botswana.

It has been estimated that Linyanti must have several thousand elephants roaming around at any one time, and it is not hard to understand in this day and age of conservation, this phenomenon has become one of the main attractions for travellers to northern Botswana.

Although the concession lies within the greater Chobe National Park, it has a distinctly different eco-system. The Swamp has formed in the corner where the permanently- flowing Linyanti River takes a 90° turn, forming channels, lagoons and a lush area of reed beds, providing permanent water to the region.

The lush and attractive vegetation at Linyanti includes jackal berry, leadwood, sausage trees and other hard woods.


This natural creation in turn has become home to aquatic species such as sitatunga and red lechwe, and handsome roan and sable antelope can be seen all year round.

During the dry winter months, The Swamp lures vast herds of thirsty elephant, zebra and wildebeest. Other plains game includes Cape buffalo, eland, southern giraffe, hippo, impala, warthog, common waterbuck and Burchell's zebra. Chacma baboon and vervet monkey are also resident.

With such a wide variety of mammals on call, predators are prevalent in Linyanti, including lion, cheetah, hyena, leopard and other smaller carnivores.

It also provides a stronghold for the endangered African wild dog. Nocturnal species of animal include aardwolf, lesser bushbaby, serval, spring hare, (large spotted) genet and occasionally the elusive pangolin!


Linyanti is an outstanding all-year birding destination, with species ranging from the Okavango specials, such as Hartlaub's babbler, wattled crane, slaty egret, African skimmer, Allen's gallinule, to the drier mopane woodland species like racket-tailed roller, Bradfield's hornbill, white-breasted cuckoo-shrike, Bennett's woodpecker, swallow-tailed bee-eater and Arnott's chat.

This reserve is also excellent for kori bustard, ostrich and various owl species, such as Verreaux's giant eagle-owl and the African scops-owl.

Visiting the Linyati Reserve area and it's many varied habitats of dry woodlands and grasslands, marshes, riverine forests and waterways, together with the prolific and diverse wildlife and spectacular scenery, forms a wonderful contrast to the Okavango Delta. Adding this area to your Botswana itinerary should be considered strongly, as it will complement any visit to the region.