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Chile Overview


Seasons in Chile are the reverse of those in the northern hemisphere. Summer takes place from December to February, Autumn from late March to June, Winter season from July to September and spring bloom runs from September through early December.

Chile encompasses almost every climate found in the world except the tropical. The country’s northern region is so dry that rain has never been recorded in some desert areas.

In summer time, temperatures in the desert can reach 38ºC during the day and drop dramatically at night to -1ºC. Winter brings chilly but sunny mornings and extremely cold nights.

On the coast, the climate is mild and dry with average temperatures ranging from 16ºC to 32ºC in summer.

Santiago and the Central Valleys feature a Mediterranean climate with some rainfall during the winter and temperatures that range from 0ºC to 13ºC. Summer in this region is very pleasant, with average temperatures ranging from 16ºC to 35ºC.

We recommend to visit Santiago in summer as the locals go on holidays, hotels offer better deals and is easier to move around the city.

The Lakes district, northern and southern Patagonia are at their best during summer months, from December to March, although you can also find good weather during spring or autumn.

Easter Island gets quieter in March, the perfect time to relax and enjoy the Moai sculptures.