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Borneo Wildlife Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River is the most accessible wildlife area in Borneo.

Enjoy cruising down the Menanggul River and the tributaries of the Kinabatangan near Sukau in electric boats in search of proboscis monkeys, hornbills and other wildlife.

Stay in Abai on a 2 night Borneo Wildlife Safari and go in search of pygmy elephants feeding by the river.

Night cruises along the river will reveal nocturnal wildlife caught in the spotlight of the boat spotter.

Having a good guide on board your boat will make or break these trips, which is why we partner with the top local operator in this area of Borneo.

A quality guide will be able to spot a snake curled in the branches over-hanging the river and will understand the dynamics and eco-system of the river - it makes all the difference.

Enjoy the video which will give you a great flavour for the style of exploring this part of Borneo.



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