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Spa Village Tembok

I wasn't really prepared for just how tranquil Spa Village Tembok was going to be. I knew it was isolated, tucked away in the North East corner of Bali, under the shadow of Mount Agung, about as far away from the dance beats, bars and markets of Kuta and Legian as you can get in Bali - but I hadn't realised it would be quite so 'calm'.

The calm begins as soon as you arrive - with a foot massage in the lobby. Of course this is how all hotel arrivals should be - a herbal welcome drink and warm soaking of the feet!


As we were shown to our room I remembered, no TV (this was a few years ago, when people still watched TV) - the unwinding continued.

So we had a wander around the gardens - past a mid-morning yoga class on the lawn - we tip-toed across the grass - I was hoping my rumbling stomach hadn't disturbed the ambience.


We enjoyed a late breakfast in the restaurant overlooking the sea and the pool - to the sound of waves lapping softly onto the pebbly beach. We barely raised our voices above a whisper for fear of breaking the silence. I was sure I heard a starfish move.

The afternoon was marked by our first spa treatment (Spa Village includes 3 meals a day and a daily spa treatment).


Memory fades but I recall being  wrapped in some form of foliage, scrubbed all over (no doubt with some Himalayan Sea Salt & Ylang Ylang conconction) and sitting on a bamboo bench with my feet buried in warm black volcanic sand. It was of course all totally heavenly.

The evening began with an invitation to go Star Gazing. Intrigued we agreed, imagining just being directed to look upwards for 20 minutes. So it was with some surprise (I love surprises) that we were handed music players and headphones, invited to lie down on inflatable 'lilos' and gently pushed off in to the pool, eyes heavenwards.

I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had in a hotel - floating around on a lilo, the zen-like music on the headphones staring into a black sky full of stars. It was simple, unexpected and totally magical - who would have thought?

Enjoy the video below. Spa Village is amazing, but be prepared for calm like you've never experienced.

Phil @ Jasmine Holidays




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